That winter night, we dared to be funny, we dared it for real. We put on striped pajamas, old velvet ribbons, harlequin leggings and plastic red noses. We blew up bubble balloons and painted on the paper sky a carousel of bright reds and pinks and oranges.

That winter night, we found ourselves back there, dwelling in the kindergarten of our early days –the drum and the flute marking the rhythm of the parade. You were the bearded lady and me the skinny clown. We exchanged the lonely presumption of our sparkling youth with the face of a lighthearted circus child.

That winter night we became the vaudeville of modern life. All that really mattered was laughter, joy and the indulgent irrelevance of our being. Golden wings and one more breath, here we were onstage, flying high over the turbulent waters of adulthood.

In winter season the mood may be gray and the clouds thick, but Via Snella AW 10 mens- wear collection proposes us exactly what we’re craving. Muted color tones and ultra-layered soft cotton fabrics with an underwear-like feeling, oversized pockets, zippers and graphic patterns such as squares and dots, blend the plethoric and dreamful spirit of a circus tale with the ethereal elegance of a choreography rehearsal. Regardless of whether you feel like the magician of the traveling troupe or like Merce Cunningham’s best disciple, it is all about a creative and permissive reinvention of the boyish dress up code, alongside the celebration of relief –Thank God, we can still play! Skip the formal stuffy jackets and the recession gloom and make it simple and bright. Don your new outfit and perform your other self. Life is more fun when you can dress like this!