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About Us

It is all about straying from the cut path, interweaving the timelessness of the classic with an innate passion for the modern, unmasking the uncanny in the midst of a refined conformism. And it is about conveying manliness. Not trendy manliness. Just plain manliness unburdened from narrow mindedness and shallow aesthetic constraints.

Since its launch in 2006, Via Snella has created male fashion, seeking to pave new ways in the perception of masculinity, the body, and the unique self we all carry within.

The creative mind behind the brand is Stockholm-based designer, Lina Zedig. A lover of high quality, rate textures and diachronic heritage values, Lina has brought her experience in vintage clothing, graphic design and textile technology into the world of menswear.


If you have any questions regarding Via Snella or our collections, feel free to contact us.

Bastugatan 49
118 25 Stockholm