Spring/Summer 2009

Ok, we have had enough of this dry, western pragmatic minimalism. How about trying something different? What if male fashion took an unexpected twist towards the folklore sensuality of the hundred and one nights?

How about unveiling the lazy buoyancy imbuing the looks of the contemporary Arab man? Yes, he is the one, our undisputable new macho idol—the light-coloured chemise unfolding indulgently on his shoulders, his quasi-transparent silky sweater betraying a fragile masculinity melded with Bedouin tales and stories from the Taliban frontier.

The Via Snella ss 09 collection playfully reflects on the apparent dissonance between a rock solid macho stereotype and its ambiguous translation into feminine-like textures, tones and shapes, when it comes to the everyday Arab dress code. And yet, what is at stake here is neither the Arab “male uniform” nor uncontested masculinity ushering into a girlish narcissistic queerness. It is rather all about a ubiquitous hybridism deconstructing the very language of male fashion. And it is about legacies—unsettlingly autonomous outfit legacies carving a relaxed and natural core manliness beyond oppressive ethics.


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